Creating Marketing Brochures on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your brochure marketing campaign in order for it to be a huge success. Creating marketing brochures on your own is a great way to save on your promotions. We know you need a little help on that, so we’ve listed down practical tips for creating your marketing materials.

5 Low-Cost Ways of Creating Marketing Brochures

1. Look for business brochure design tutorials online.

Learn how to design a brochure for free with easy-to-follow tutorials. Designing your own brochures does not only help you to save, but also allows you create your brochures exactly the way you like it. Look around for sample brochure designs to get your creative juices flowing.

2. Write your own marketing copy and do it well.

Nobody knows your business better than you do, so take on the challenge of writing your own brochure copy. Brainstorm ideas with the rest of your team and have them proofread your draft. Here are a few helpful articles to get yourself motivated for your writing assignment:

3. Use free brochure design templates.

If after reading brochure design tutorials you are still not confident with your designing skills, look for online printers offering free brochure design templates. for instance, has a wide variety of customize-able brochure templates specifically designed for different industries. Choose from the templates and add your own logo, company name, and marketing text to make it your own.

4. Ask for a free proof.

When it’s time to send your design file to the printers, ask for a PDF proof to see how your design will look like when printed. This way, you’ll be able to see errors in your design and correct them before sending your design file to the presses. Proofing also saves you from the hassle of reprinting because of errors that went unnoticed. Always ask for a free proof to ensure that your design file is a 100 percent ready for printing.

5. Print marketing brochures in bulk.

Wholesale printing is a great way of cutting down on your marketing expenses. This is because the amount of each brochure lowers down as the quantity goes up. Use the services of a trusted printer like Brochures Printing Online to ensure that the price is the only thing that goes down and not the quality of your prints.

With our expertise in brochure printing, Ayuprint can be your reliable partner in creating marketing brochures for your business. Call us at 0812-853-2030 and let us know how we can help in your marketing and printing project today!


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