How To: Successful Brochures

Since reducing our prices by up to 80%, a number of great brochures have passed through our graphic design department. When looking at the designs, we see some great designs which speak volumes to prospective customers. We see that aside from visually appealing art, you must also considered size, dimension, folds and paper type.

Below are our top three points to consider when constructing your next brochure.

1. Put Yourself in the Readers Shoes The opening of the brochure should align with the readers train of thought. Prospective clients should be interested in opening each flap. Consider asking questions by including facts or appealing imagery.

2. Give It Value Have the content, size, dimensions and gloss of the brochure worth keeping. Consider what would would make the prospect keep brochure would it be bright colors, slick design or perhaps a die-cut pattern?

3. Easy to Read Dont be afraid of text! Text is good, it should aim to answer the readers questions. Just remember to place the text in an easily flowing structure. Readers will want to read all of the content if there is easy construction.

4. Know Your Customer The format, text, images and colors should all speak to your target audience. As a result, don’t be afraid to create a few brochures which speak to different targets. Segmentation is always useful for tracking a brochures success as well as providing a tailored customer experience.

5. Keep all imagery consistent Your brochure is an integral part of the company. As such, taking the proper amount of time to finalize it, and review each design should be a priority.

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