The 411 On Banners

Did you know 1800 Postcards is one of the few companies offering custom digitally printed inkjet banners cut to your exact measurements?

In fact, we offer banners starting as small as 24 x 36 up to a maximum width of 51 with an infinite length. Available in vinyl banner, hi-gloss poster paper, matte poster paper and more; they provide great ways to advertise your company.

When designing banners, it is important to run through this basic design checklist:

1. Know the Call to Action Know what you want your readers to do before you design the banner. You want to be as concise as possible.
2. Determine the Correct Letter and Image Size How far will your audience be? This will determine how much space you can work on.
3. Use simple images Use images that are easily identifiable, and use a solid background, especially if your banner will be for long-range viewing.
4. Climate The type of material your banner is printed on will largely be determined on the climate.
For three additional ideas on banner designs, see our blog.

If you need help creating your banner, give us a call to discuss the endless possibilities: +62-812-853-2030


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